comments form is fixed – I hope

A while back, I joined GoodReads. Natashya (Living in the Kitchen with Puppies) mentioned that she had the novels “Bread Alone” and “The Baker’s Apprentice” by Judith Ryan Hendricks on her want to read list. Being the meddler that I am, I told her not to bother with the second novel but that the first one is not quite as lame as the sequel. There are some excellent recipes, notably the “couronne – pain de compagne” and the “banana cinnamon swirl bread“.

Natashya said she had tried to comment on both but that the comments form was throwing an error. Rrrr.

This is what happens when you pay the big bucks to have wordpress customized by an expert (cough… a case of “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” – I was trying to add my own string to the PHP coding).

I was vaguely wondering why it was that nobody had commented recently (except spammers – robots seem to be able to bypass the form to add their ludicrous comments :stomp:).

I’m pretty sure I’ve fixed the error now and comments can be made on my blog again.

Thank you for the headsup, Natashya!