crisping papadam

summary: crisping papadam; our favourite brand; (click on images for larger views and more photos of crisping papadam)

bindi It’s insanely easy to crisp up papadam using a rack over the stove burner over medium high heat.

We (heh, when I say “we”, of course I mean “he” because I don’t like to risk scorching my fingers) place the papad on the rack and turn it around and over as it changes colour. We don’t worry if there are a few dark brown spots.

papadam We like to get black pepper flavoured papadam. (There are many other flavourings – cumin, kalonji, methi….) Our preferred brand is Lijjat available at Kohinoor foods in Indiatown (Gerrard Street in Toronto).

Papadam is perfect before or during Indian style dinner.

2 comments about “crisping papadam

  1. nani khemaney

    the rack over the stove burner is interesting… that would prevent burning.

    i used to always burn my papadams until i discovered that the microwave makes the perfectly crisp papadam!

    Really, Nani, they get crisp? I would have thought the microwave would make them soggy. (We don’t have a microwave.) Thank you for dropping by! -Elizabeth

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