dealing with nightmares – again

carrot cakesummary: why I almost packed in the blog entirely; comments are once again allowed; Rhyll’s carrot cake is the best; carrot cake is the best comfort food; (click on images to see larger view)

I can allow comments again!! Take that stupid spambots who have been giving me grief for almost 5 months!

snip… snip… snip… snip…

[previous post announcing that commenting was finally back]
(that used to be at but was ripped away, in spite of my pathetic blubbering]

SHRIEK!!!! Stop snipping! Stop snipping!!!

And here I thought my problems were over….

But no. When I was trying to import the blog comments into Disqus, everything exploded.

Everything had to be reinstalled and there is now a major struggle to get the database to match up. How long would it take? I had no idea. :lalala:

It’s a good thing it didn’t go on much longer. Because I haven’t got much more hair left to tear out. :-( It didn’t help that it’s horribly cold, snowy and icy outside. (It’s just wrong that we’ve had to endure this cold for 2 whole months! These extreme temperatures are why I left Edmonton….)

Unfortunately, I did NOT have the database backed up to include the last post I made so will simply try to reiterate:

I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again: Rhyll’s carrot cake IS the best carrot cake! With too much cream cheese icing. Of course, with too much icing!

carrot cake

And why did we make carrot cake? (As if there needs to be a reason…) To celebrate the fact that I can once again allow comments on my blog!!

Usually we include pecans but we didn’t have any so substituted with hazelnuts, cashews, almonds and pepitas. We’re thinking we should always use that substitute!

Unfortunately, the old comments are still not imported into Disqus. I’ll work on that. Later. But I might need some more carrot cake first.

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edit 26 February 2015: It’s a miracle! I managed to decipher the instructions for how to move the comments that were on the post that was deleted over to this post. Yay!!