It’s Pie Day – does you know wear you’re mittens are?

summary: Today is Pie Day! Where are your mittens? Apple pie made with red wine and cheddar cheese crust; Adding spelling mistakes might up the comment count – thank you, Brian Gordon; (click on image(s) to see larger views and more photos)

apple pie It’s Pie Day today!!

No, not Pi Day. That’s not until March. This is actual Pie Day.

Does you know wear you’re mittens are?

I no wear mine are…. :-) (And Know. I don’t knead no spell-check)

apple pie We got the idea for this pie from the wonderful article “Home for the Holidays” by Roberta Corradin published in SAVEUR Magazine #134. The recipe that she and her mother use for their pie is here: Torta di Sant’Antonio (Sant’Antonio Apple Tart).

We only loosely followed the recipe by reducing some Sangiovese and then tossing it into the sliced apples before adding them to a cheddar cheese pie crust. The crust was just regular pastry with some grated cheddar cheese thrown in.

I must say, it was pretty spectacular pie. We really should make it again.

Because we made the pie pictured here last October (I meant to post about it earlier. I really did).

apple pie


Now it’s long gone. Oh oh. Here it is Pie Day. We don’t have any pie right now though!

Will you bring some to me please? I have my mittens on.

Hay!! Is anyone out they’re? Yes! Yew! I’m talking two ewe!

Not long ago, Grammarly (Facebook) posted the following “Chuck and Beans” cartoon by Brian Gordon.

camelina oil
“Chuck & Beans” by Brian Gordon

Eye to halve bin noticing that their are fewer and fewer comments here lately. Of course, it could be that people just aren’t hear. But if they are, then aye do love to have tangible proof.


Go four it. Type a comment oar too. Ore three or even fore. And naught just on this post. Please read sum of the others too.

I cant weight to sea yore thoughts.



edit 26 January 2013:

For cheddar cheese pastry, add 1/2 cup grated old cheddar cheese to the flour before cutting in the shortening.

– Elizabeth Baird, Apples, Peaches and Pears: Great Canadian Recipes, Pies and Pastries, p. 27




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