Eggs Florentine (ish)

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Eggs Florentine (ish) I know. We’re supposed to be fasting this month… please don’t report us to the Lenten Police!

But, in our defense, we really couldn’t let the eggs, lemons, bacon and spinach in the fridge go bad, could we?

This is what we did to make this fabulous breakfast:

  1. Made Hollandaise sauce.
  2. Hard-boiled the eggs.*
  3. Cooked bacon til chewy/crispy.
  4. Coarsely chopped spinach. (Please look at step 2 of Roast Potato, Cheese, Spinach Omelette recipe for how to prepare the spinach)
  5. Toasted bread.
  6. Lay spinach on the toast, then sliced eggs, added bacon and smothered it all in Hollandaise.
  7. Served it immediately with coffee.

Oh my, oh my!! This was too good.

If we make sure there’s spinach to counteract the calories :lalala:, can we have Hollandaise sauce every day, please?

* Actually, truth be told, T gently poached his egg so the yolk was still soft. I have a horror of soft runny yolks though, which is why I ALWAYS hard boil eggs or turn them into omelettes.


2 responses to “Eggs Florentine (ish)

  1. katie

    I think it is a far worse sin to waste food, (she says, piously)!
    Will you be doing this again? What time shall I be there??

    Of course we will be doing it again! Shall we say 10ish? -ejm

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