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Tuesday, 2 August 2005

EoMEoTE#9 – Prisoner of Fryingpan

Filed under: crossblogging,EoMEoTE,food & drink,whine — ejm @ 09:02 EDT

Cooksister is wicked. First she makes us write a sonnet (and then CHANGES the rules at the last second and says it is a limerick) for EoMEoTE #7. Then she makes us compose a drama for #8. NOW I find out that the theme this month is Harry Potter. Hey!! NO FAIR!! She’s rubbing my nose in the fact that I have not yet read the latest Harry Potter book. I have Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince on hold for me at the library. My hold is 4815 of 4828. There are 552 copies in the library system. It will be eons before I can find out what has been brewing at Hogwarts!

I will have to console myself by putting on my hooded robe and preparing a BLT on toasted wholewheat bread.

The bacon, from one of our local butchers who smokes all his hams and bacon, will be fried till just crisp. Just before the bacon is done, I will cause the bread to be toasted to a golden brown. Then it will be slathered with sweet butter. The bacon will be placed on one slice of toast. The tomato, sliced thinly, but not too thinly, will be laid gently on top of the bacon. (I confess that the tomato is not the best – but it is the best our vegetable store has to offer right now. Tomatoes are always a problem in our neighbourhood and I’m not willing to cut down the trees in our back yard in order to grow our own tomatoes).

A brief shower of freshly ground pepper will rain gently down onto the tomato. The tiniest bit of salt will be added as well. And if caterpillars (I’m really hoping it was swallowtail caterpillars) hadn’t eaten all our dill, I would chop a little dill and sprinkle it on the tomato slices. But a few leaves of Genovese basil from the garden will certainly be most reasonable substitute. Then a leaf or two of crisp red leaf lettuce will crown the tomato.

And I suppose you’re wondering. What about the egg?? There’s supposed to be egg featured in an EoMEoTE post! It’s stated clearly in Rule number 1 of EoMEoTE#9 – Prisoner of Fryingpan.

Fear not. Just before closing the sandwich and slicing it in half, best quality mayonnaise (which should neatly fill the egg requirement for this increasingly rulebound event) will be spread in a judicious manner on one slice of toast. The sandwich will be closed. It will be sliced in half – diagonally, if you please! – and placed on one of the white luncheon plates with the single blue stripe around the edges.

Then only one more thing will be required: I will wave my knife wand and say the magic word: Accio!

  • Jeanne


    Hey – no fair! I was joking about the sonnet, Elizabeth!! I backed away from sonnets in case people were intimidated. So now I say Harry Potter, thinking easy peasy, and everyone is up in arms! :o) Hmm. That Anglo-Saxon epic poetry theme is drawing closer and closer…! ;-)

    Thanks for playing along & look out for the roundup in about one Muggle week…

  • Jeanne

    “Increasingly rulebound”??? Eggs. Toast. These two are constant. As it was, is and evermore shall be.

  • ejm


    Of course, I knew the sonnet was a joke, Jeanne. Initially I thought the eggs and toast part in the equation were a joke too. But now I know how deadly serious the whole thing is…


  • Jeanne

    Oh, believe me, eggs and toast aren’t the most important thing – they’re the ONLY thing!! :P

  • ejm

    But of course! Which is why eggs and toast are featured in the above post, Jeanne. :9

  • Jeanne

    Hey – don’t die of shock, Elizabeth… but the round-up is POSTED!!

  • ejm

    So I see, Jeanne… mugglemunch??? Well, I never! The cheek.

    Hmph. There’s no way a muggle would know to say “accio”, not to mention that the eggs (in the mayonnaise) bear a distinct resemblance to the room of requirement located near the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy….

    Or maybe you prefer to think that the eggs are more like thestrals?


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