etherwork cracked in two by EoMEoTE 17

The etherwork kitchens have been cracked in two by EoMEoTE 17.

Newspaper heading - Etherwork: A house divided - The etherwork kitchens have been cracked in two by the threat of the cancellation of EoMEoTE 17 It turns out that the recent headline in the Sunnyside Reporter, Egg Shortage cancels EoMEoTE 17 may be retracted.

In a recent comment, Jeanne (Cook Sister!) wrote Anyone capable of snacking on the unborn should always be humoured!!. I was going to post about corn chowder today but I’m afeared. Just how far will she go? She is a lawyer… and we all know what kind of people lawyers are!!

So in an attempt to smooth things over, even though the deadline is passed, (it seems that the deadline is less important) I feel compelled to fulfill rules 1 and 2 of EoMEoTE. (Actually, it’s really because I wanted to play with the Newspaper Clipping Generator again.)

eggs sunnyside up Even when I’m eating eggs, I really can’t think of anything more revolting than eggs sunnyside up. What a way to ruin a good breakfast.

But T claims that this is fabulous. (click on image for larger view)

Many thanks again to Jeanne (Cook Sister!) for introducing the The Newspaper Clipping Generator and for continuing the EoMEoTE insanity….

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4 responses to “etherwork cracked in two by EoMEoTE 17

  1. ilingc

    I had a go with the newspaper generator too, Elizabeth! Except I couldn’t edit the image properly to include my french toast, so I gave up on it. I had to do a presentation for my boss last week so I made use of the newspaper generator and created a funny article for him. hahah..
    I personally don’t mind sunny side up, but prefer them scrambled for breakfast :)

  2. ejm Post author

    I’m not a big fan of scrambled either, ilingc… :lalala: I admit it. I am a little strange about eggs. I like them hard-boiled, fried (yolk broken and over hard), or in an omelette.

    And in cake… they’re VERY good incorporated into cake. :-D

  3. ejm Post author

    Yes, indeed, omelettes are great. Chili omelette… mmmmmm

    And mayonnaise. Eggs are good for that too. I made the best potato salad the other night with mayonnaise.

    Hmmmm, I should have posted about potato salad for EoMEoTE… eggs in the mayonnaise, potato as the “any carbohydrate to which heat has been applied“….

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