Event: Spice is Right VI – Back to School

Event announcement:
Spice is Right VI – Back to School

Like Barbara (Tigers and Strawberries), I loved going back to school. And the next Spice is Right (SiR) theme has the love of learning in mind. Here is an excerpt from Barbara’s guidelines for SiR VI:

I would like each of the participants to pick a spice that they have either never used, or know very little about, and learn about it. Find out what it is used for, where it is from, who originated its use, what its main culinary uses are, if it is used medicinally or aromatically, and what the folkloric and mythic connotations, if any, are.

And then, write us a post about the spice, reporting what you have learned, and feature it in a recipe that you have never cooked before, preferably one that is from a different cultural or ethnic background than yourself.

[The deadline is] September 15th [2006] at midnight EST

For complete details on how to participate, please go to: