Event: WHB 1st Anniversary

Event announcement:
Weekend Herb Blogging One Year Anniversary

Kalyn’s (Kalyn’s Kitchen) Weekend Herb Blogging (WHB) event that started as a whimsical joke has been going strong every weekend for a year now. To celebrate its first anniversary, Kalyn has come up with a special theme. She wrote the following:

weekend herb blogging - © kalyns kitchen [I]t’s the one year anniversary of Weekend Herb Blogging […] for this very special event, we’re asking bloggers to post a recipe featuring their very favorite herb.


Please post your best recipe featuring your favorite herb, even if you need to repost a recipe you’ve already written about. We want recipes for this event to be *the best of the best* herb recipes from great cooks.

*My Very Favorite Herb* recipes can be posted any time between Monday, Sept. 25, and Sunday, Oct. 1[, 2006]

For complete details on how to participate, please go to:

edit 1 October, 2006:
Read the 1st anniversary roundup to discover which herb was the favourite of Weekend Herb Bloggers: