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Thursday, 11 January 2007

events, events….

Filed under: food & drink — ejm @ 10:52 EDT

De-Lurking Week: 8-12 Jan, 2007 extended to 20 Jan 2007

Let’s play procrastination…

noisemaker (© ejm

Wheee!!! I’ve just thought of another way to wiggle out of posting the photos from December…

There are so many wonderful events in the food blogging world. “Is My Blog Burning”, “Paper Chef”, “Sugar High Friday”, etc. etc. And there are ‘one time only’ events as well. (Sticky Date is an excellent place to find out about the many and various events.) So many wonderful events and only so many hours in the day….

The following are the ongoing events that really attract me. Every time they come up, I resolve to join in. But I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions; the only New Year’s Resolution I’ve ever made is to not make any. So consider these New Year’s statements of intent (Thanks Jeanne (Cook Sister!) for the clever sidestep.)

  • EoMEoTE Rumor has it that Jeanne is going to revive this amazing ovo-literary event!! I’d better get cracking! (Eeek!! Where is my AncientGreek/English dictionary?!)
  • WTSIM Jeanne and two colleagues (cohorts?) Johanna and Andrew, have come up with another interesting event Waiter, there’s something in my… – as far as I can see, one doesn’t have to write epic poetry for this one….
  • SiR Barbara (Tigers and Strawberries) has recently returned to blogging – Yay!! – I’m hoping that she’ll be able to make time for “The Spice is Right”. Does anyone know if she (or who) is hosting “SiR X”?
  • JFI Indira (Mahanandi) writes that, the Sanskrit word ‘Jihvā’ “means taste, desire and deep longing” Each month, a different ingredient related to India or Indian cuisine is chosen and participants are invited to cook a recipe with that ingredient. Note that any style of cuisine may be used to celebrate the ingredient.
  • WHB Kalyn (Kalyn’s Kitchen) continues to host this really wonderful event that attracts people from all over the world.
  • WBD – ahp Zorra (1x umrühren bitte) hosted World Bread Day ’06 and I STILL haven’t finished reading all fantastic recipes that were listed. There are a number that neeeeeeed to be made. And so the after hours party goes on – until WBD ’07, I guess.
  • WCC Sara (Weekend Cookbook Challenge – was at continues to encourage us to actually make recipes from the several cookbooks on our shelves. I have vowed to participate since the inception. Really I have….
  • edit 17 January 2007: I just came across another noteworthy event

    LT David (Cooking Chat) has started another new ongoing event, Leftover Tuesdays, created to dispel the notion that

    “leftovers” as the response to the “what’s for dinner” question evokes a visceral response rooted in long suppressed childhood memories of 3 consecutive days of meatloaf.

    David’s challenge is to make something new (I’m assuming he also means something appetizing) with leftovers and to blog about it on Tuesdays.

Ai yai yai!!! So many events. So many statements of intent to break!!

There is one more intriguing event I learned about from Paz (Cooking Adventures)

De-Lurking Week: 8-12 Jan, 2007 extended to 20 Jan 2007

  • De-Lurking Week: participation is easy. Lurkers (non-lurkers are welcome too) are requested to leave a comment to say they’ve been by. As the de-lurking buttons say: “Will it Kill ya’ to leave a comment?” and “Delurk. In cyberspace, no one can hear you read“.

Heh. Now I’ll find out the distressing news. Nobody lurks here. There really are only a handful of people reading this blog and they have all commented. :lalala:

Yah, yah… I’ll post the December photos soon.

edit 13 January 2007: due to distinct lack of de-lurkers, De-Lurking Week is extended to 14-20 Jan 2007… don’t break my heart!! Don’t at least one of you poutine searchers feel the need to say hello – even if it’s to complain that there is very little about poutine here?

  • David

    thanks for mentioning the new Leftover Tuesdays event! So many interesting events out there. I’ve been wanting to get into the WHB…now I’ve got a few more to add to my list. I also am especially interested in the weekend cookbook challenge & the one with Indian ingredients.

  • ejm

    You’re most welcome, David. Many thanks for dropping by. I just hope I can get it together to join in on the leftover Tuesday. It’s not that we don’t often have leftovers for dinner – it’s just that I’m a bit rotten at deadlines.


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