exercises in futility are strangely rewarding

summary: blog recipe index; spinach artichoke dip tease

Not long ago, I was trying to find a recipe that I was sure I had posted. Could I find it? NO. (The search engine here is just a little annoying, isn’t it?) I had to resort to google to find it at last.

But it’s pretty terrible if I can’t find things. I’m the one who put them here! So, yesterday, I went through all the posts with recipes (I think) and put together a slightly more user-friendly way to find the recipes here on the blog:

I hope I didn’t miss any. Or make too many errors in my haste to get the thing done.

Now I can get back to thinking about what we’ll have for dinner tonight. Now that it’s warm, we’re thinking about felafel… Hmmm, as well as mixing pita dough, I will have to make more of Tanna’s spinach and artichoke dip (was at mykitcheninhalfcups.com/My_Kitchen_In_Half_Cups...Second_Helping_/My_Kitchen_in_Half_Cups...Second_Helping/Entries/2009/4/16_Ile_De_France_Goat_Cheese.html). We tried it last night and it’s as fabulous as I thought it was going to be. So fabulous that we ate almost all of it – yes, I made enough for 4 and yet there were only the two of us. I think perhaps all that indexing of blog recipes was hungrier work than I expected. :lalala: (Remind me to tell you what I did to make Tanna’s dip with FRESH baby artichokes rather than tinned marinated artichoke hearts.)


3 comments about “exercises in futility are strangely rewarding

  1. Kalyn

    Nice job! I know how much work this is, but I’m sure your readers will love it.

    Thank you, Kalyn! I do hope that others will find it useful. But even if they don’t, it has made my life much easier. :-) -Elizabeth

  2. Mark

    A good spinach/artichoke dip is hard to beat. Never tried or had a felafel, that I know of any should be fun. Of course health reasons keep my days of indulging in check these days.

    I would think that spinach/artichoke dip and falafel would be perfect for someone trying to keep indulging in check, Mark. -Elizabeth

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