fast food can be good!

summary: tortellini with onion, beet stems, “La Bomba” and cream

I had to make dinner in 15 minutes tonight and wasn’t quite sure what to do. I started by staring into the fridge to see what was there. Aha!! A half a package of cheese tortellini… perfect start; onion; beets with the stems still attached (beet greens already eaten a couple of nights ago) … beets take too long but the stems won’t take long to cook; a little cream… I think so; jar of Allessia’s “La Bomba”… definitely add a little of that!

So, with 14 minutes left, I put the small cast iron pan on the stove to heat, and a pot of water on high on another burner, chopped the onion, threw some olive oil into the pan, tossed in the onion, washed the beet stems and chopped them into bite size pieces, tossed them into the transluscent onions and stirred them around a bit, put a lid on top of the pan, put salt into the pasta water that was just starting to boil, added a spoonful of Bomba to the beet stems, put tortellini in boiling water, poured cream into beet mixture, added a little Knorr chicken stock powder (instead of salt – I love that stuff!!), left the lid off the beet pan so cream would reduce a bit, drained pasta, dumped it into cream mixture, stirred it around… and that was it!! Into the serving bowl. Ground some pepper on top. Dinner was ready! With 2 minutes to spare!

It was brilliant.

Now really. Who can honestly say they don’t have time to cook dinner?

edit much later: When you have a little more time than 15 minutes, you can make your own reasonable facsimile of La Bomba: Eggplant and Hot Pepper Antipasto Sauce. It keeps well in the fridge to be ready for adding to a fast food dinner. (It’s great with pizza too….)

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  • Mats

    Wow – that’s fast! It’s really cool to create a meal from what’s on hand rather than getting ingredients to match a set recipe.

  • ejm

    I couldn’t believe how fast it was. I was pretty impressed with myself. Initially I was a little worried that the dinner would have to be peanut butter sandwiches. (- not that there’s anything wrong with peanut butter sandwiches – they just aren’t really dinner material.)