first try at English Muffins

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English muffins?? Way back at the beginning of August, I promised myself that as soon as the weather got cooler, I would try Emma’s (Laughing Gastronome) recipe for English Muffins.

And here they are. Well, they LOOK like English muffins, anyway.

But there the resemblance ends. I don’t know what I did wrong. I thought I had measured the flour correctly – granted, my scale isn’t the most accurate scale but I can’t believe it is that much out of whack.

As I laboriously stirred (can’t really call it stirring) the flour into what seemed like a rather small amount of buttermilk, I read Emma’s instructions:

Make a very soft dough with all the ingredients except the polenta. The dough should be very soft, tacky, but not really sticky.

The dough should be very soft? It was like a small soccer ball. I added water to try to soften it. Still like a soccer ball. It was so stiff that the only way that I could manage to develop the gluten was to pick it up and thwack it down onto the board.

I let the dough rise and formed it into English muffin like shapes and cooked them anyway – hoping they would miraculously turn into real English muffins.


Nope. Just buns. Tough buns.

But cubed, my fake English muffins were very good in stovetop stuffing with Sunday’s roast chicken….

At this rate, I don’t think I’m going to be featuring English Muffins for World Bread Day.

I did email Emma to ask if there might have been an error in her recipe. There really doesn’t seem to be enough liquid.

Alas, no answer. My email must have been lost in the vacuum.


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