Flattened Vienna Bread Rescue

BBB: Let's Get Baking summary: BBB Vienna Bread followup; bread that was crushed while baking can be sliced and grilled – it’s fabulous; (click on image(s) to see larger view(s) and more photos)

Vienna Bread (bbb) I have to admit that I was pretty upset at how flat the Vienna Bread was once we had finished baking it in the barbecue. T was also very deflated (no pun intended) when the initial pfffff happened. Neither of us could believe our eyes.

It’s really a shame that I didn’t take photos of the shaped bread, and then the bread after about 5 minutes in the barbecue. Take my word for it; it was huge. And round. Perfectly shaped.

But never mind. Shape isn’t everything. In spite of my worries that the internal temperature wasn’t high enough when the bread came out of the barbecue, it turned out that the bread was indeed baked. And baked well.

Vienna Bread (bbb) The night after we made the Kaiser Rolls, we sliced the bread and grilled it with a little olive oil drizzled over. It was fabulous with grilled butterflied pork, grilled yellow peppers, broccoli with faux Hollandaise (just drizzle the broccoli with melted salted butter and lemon juice….), fresh herbs from the garden and a glass or two of Argentinian Malbec.

You think I took photos of the actual dinner? Plated?? Are you crazy? It smelled so good that we had to dig in and eat it while it was hot.

And the other half of the loaf that didn’t get grilled? We toasted it for various breakfasts. It was wonderful with goat’s cheese and honey. It was equally stellar with homemade apricot jam.

Once again, thank you Astrid, for August’s delicious BBB bread!! (If you haven’t already baked Kaiser Buns and/or Vienna Bread, there’s still time (just) to be a BBBuddy. Quick!! Go get the flour out of the cupboard and start proofing some yeast.)

Incidentally, we did learn a valuable lesson about baking bread in the barbecue: it’s essential to bake loaf-style bread on the stone (more protection from the heat below) AND it’s even more essential to ensure that the bread has a pretty good upper crust before turning it over. If it has to be turned over at all. In retrospect, that particular loaf probably should have been baked in the oven…. :lalala:

Garden And just in case you think we NEED a reason to barbecue, here is the main reason we love to bake bread on the barbecue. The view is great. (fuschia, two kinds of impatiens, lemon balm, cardamom, mystery miniature apple??? tree) Except maybe for the Gold Chef looking just a little shabby – that’s what 20 or so years of almost constant summer use will do.


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