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The Foodie BlogRoll

The Foodie Blogroll Even though I still have a horror of the word "foodie" and visibly cringe even when I type it, I must accept the fact that language evolves... this particular "F" word should not to be considered a disparaging term. My reluctant acceptance (almost - I'm still shuddering every time I see it) of the word is partially due to The Foodie BlogRoll (FBR), started and maintained by Jenn (The Leftover Queen). It is a handy (and growing!) list of links to food related blogs. You may have seen the TFB image on the sidebars of this and other blogs.

A while back, this blog was officially added to FBR. It's easy to join The Foodie BlogRoll - just fill out the form that appears if you click on "add your blog" at the bottom of the page.

Take a look at the list of all the blogs already on the list! This community is HUGE!