giant raisin bread

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raisin bread I have been meaning for some time to make raisin bread. But you know me. Things get in the way and well… never mind….

What matters is that I finally came through on my promise.

Why oh why oh why oh why did I wait so long?! Raisin bread is the best. Even if the Thompson raisins are absolutely humungous. raisin bread Actually, I suspect that they aren’t Thompson raisins and that we took raisins out of the wrong bin at the dried fruits and grains store in Kensington Market. And I foolishly measured by volume and so there are very few raisins in each loaf; I probably should have cut each raisin in half… it’s still really good though. And it doesn’t really matter because even without raisins, this bread is stellar.

It has just the right amount of cinnamon, just the right amount of sweetness. It makes the best toast!

In fact, I think maybe I need to go and fire up the toaster now….


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