Give Us This Day Yesterday’s Bread (IMBB #25)

IMBB#25: Give Us This Day Yesterday’s Bread

click on image to see larger view of Sandwich Bread
Sandwich Bread
I baked bread yesterday. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

Naturally, I’m too late to post for IMBB. Again. And what a shame. Because this week, we have the perfect bread for this event!!

I bake sandwich bread at least once a week – three loaves at a time. And on the weekend, T reminded me that I needed to bake bread. And it was already mid-morning. So I mixed, kneaded, shaped dough; then put the shaped loaves into the oven with the light turned on. But bread dough doesn’t always rise at the rate that we would like it to. And I had to head off to work. No problem. We’ve often done this.

T is very good about remembering to bake the bread. As I was racing out the door, he called, “So I should bake the bread about 9:00 pm?” And in a distracted sort of way, I called back that it would probably be a bit earlier. And off I went. To return home very late.

Ah the smell of freshly baked bread was still in the house. It was delicious! I walked into the kitchen to admire the cooling loaves.

click on image to see larger view of “E home vs. E away” Sandwich Bread
Sandwich Bread And what did I see?? Three loaves pretty much identical to the one pictured on the right side of the photo. Wwwahahaaaaaaaa!! It gave me a whole new perspective on “flat bread”!

Derrick (An Obsession with Food) wrote:

For this month’s edition, I want you to let some good bread go stale, and then figure out a way to keep using it.

-IMBB 25: Give Us This Day Yesterday’s Bread.)

Well, okay. Maybe ours isn’t exactly “good” bread that we’ll be letting go stale. (although… even though it’s on the flat side, it’s still better than wonderbread.)

And I’ll admit it. I do suffer from “lazy baker syndrome” and often have holes at the top of the loaf because I’ve let the bread rise just a little too much. And I’m happy to say that this is the first time that I’ve had a loaf rise so much that it fell. But it wasn’t entirely my fault. Really it wasn’t…

We’re going to grill slices of the flat loaf on the barbecue tonight. Then we’ll dip into the most wonderful smoked sausage tomato sauce that T invented. Served with barbecued chicken and steamed green beans.

Haha!! What a wonderful save!

The next morning, I got the story. It began with “I’m SO sorry, Sweetie!!” On the fateful evening of the flat bread, T said that he had some difficulty taking the shower hats off of the very risen loaves. They each fell with a whoosh when their hats were taken off. But he baked the bread anyway, hoping it might miraculously have oven spring. Live and learn.

Oh yes… even though the bread was flat as a pancake, it was very good for the chicken sandwiches we had on our picnic on Sunday afternoon.

Edit 7 May 2006 @ 10:35 EDT: Oh yes, and the “flat bread” worked out beautifully sliced and grilled on the barbecue. I’ve GOT to write down how that tomato sauce was made. It was fabulous.


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