grainier corn bread

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cornbread Sweet potato cornbread is good (read more here) but it isn’t quite as grainy as the one we have always made in the past. And sometimes grainy cornbread is exactly what is required.

A couple of weeks ago, after running out of pita, we discovered that grainy cornbread goes wonderfully with hard boiled eggs and chilli paste. (read more here)

We tried it again yesterday morning to confirm our first impressions. Yes, indeedy! It’s a fabulous combination.

grainy cornbread recipe

There’s a reason that it’s called quick bread! It takes virtually no time at all to make – especially in comparison to yeasted corn bread (which is also fabulous).


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  • Looks great!! This is the kind of cornbread we eat most of the time. i love variations, but this is the best, I think.

  • ejm

    We think it’s the best too, Sher. The softer cakier sweet potato version will be fun occasionally but this grainy kind will remain our usual kind.

  • ramya

    thanks for your coming there, elizabeth.I got busy in other work to reply
    your sweet potato’s recipe is good Where’s exactly we get bran can you give any reference?.My recipe was sweet type of onde- onde.
    Have a nice weekend .please do vist again (

  • ejm

    Oops. I guess I should have specified “wheat bran” in the recipe….

    Bran is the outer husk of the wheat, Ramya. If you cannot find bran, you can substitute wholewheat flour or chapati flour. The end result won’t be quite as grainy but it will still be good.

    Thank YOU for dropping by here and for the nice compliment. I can’t really take credit for the sweet potato cornbread recipe though. It is largely based on the one I found on Sher’s “What did you eat?” site.