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Monday, 5 June 2006

Event: Green Blog Project (summer 2006)

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Thursday, 31 August 2006

Event announcement

I heard about this event from Barbara (Tigers and Strawberries).

L.G. (‘Ginger and Mango’) has come up with the lovely idea for bloggers to grow food in their gardens and by the end of August, post recipes that primarily use the vegetable(s) and/or herb(s) they have grown.

[P]ost a recipe with a picture of your plant and the vegetable as the main ingredient. If it is your neighbor’s plant also it is okay, as long as you didn’t buy the vegetable.


So go ahead, soak your seeds and start your little garden out there.

…read more about the Green Blog Project.

Greener Blogging:

I would like to add a little extra to the challenge – for those gardeners who are not already doing so, please compost any garden waste and vegetable scraps that are generated when cooking so that your garden will be even greener.

Of interest:

While waiting for your own compost to cook, note that in Toronto there are “Environment Days”: annual events held in many neighbourhoods. When you go, take a container so that you can bring back some of the free leaf compost that is made available. What a great thing to be able to replenish the soil in your garden!

Bring us your household hazardous waste and for safe disposal. Don’t forget about your non-perishable foods and re-usable goods – they’ll be happily donated to charities and non-profit organizations for re-distribution throughout the city.

What more can you ask for from these great events?

Well, there are recycling bins and other containers, available for purchase, for exchange with broken ones or for free to new residents!
And of course, everyone’s favourite: the giant pile of FREE leaf compost.

For those living in Toronto, here is the 2006 ‘Environment Days’ schedule.



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