Happy Easter!

Easter Egg ©ejm2007

Last Easter was lovely and warm and we had forsythia and pansies blossoming in the garden. But Easter is earlier this year (just a week…) and there is no sign of forsythia in the garden yet. In fact, yesterday there were frequent little snow squalls and this morning the ground was covered in a thin white blanket.

Can’t take it anymore? …I’m not sure I can.

Make it stop snowing!
Or maybe you love the snow?
* Let it snow! *

But I hear that it was 20C in the interior of BC yesterday so perhaps spring really is just around the corner here.

Happy Easter!!


Is it time for more cinnamon buns? (I hope there are still some left!)


2 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. MrsBrown in BC

    Happy Easter to you too!! The forsythia in our neighbourhood is blooming happily and has been for the last 2 weeks. Many of the cherry/apple/plum blossoms are losing their blossoms making it LOOK like snow. The Easter lilies are coming up but probably won’t bloom for another 3 weeks making them Spring lilies this year. Yesterday, along with the rest of the neighbourhood, I cut the grass for the first time. We all madly cut our grass yesterday as today, it rains.

    Happy Easter!

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