Happy Easter!

summary: Two brioche birds say Happy Easter!


**Happy Easter! *

At last spring seems to have arrived. Or at least it seemed so yesterday. It was beautifully sunny. While brioche dough (with a little ground cardamom) was rising in the kitchen, we took advantage of the beautiful weather to ride our bikes through the neighbourhood to get supplies for today’s feast.

Because it has been rather chilly until now, there aren’t many flowers in the gardens – just a few snowdrops and crocuses bravely displaying their colours. Forsythia hasn’t even bloomed yet.

But the vegetable/fruit stores on Roncesvalles made up for the lack of garden flowers. There were flowers galore: potted lilies, tulips, hyacinths as well as bucket after bucket filled with bouquets of many kinds of flowers. And pussy willows. Of course there were pussy willows.

The sidewalks were teeming with families revelling in the sun. Many people were skipping along happily carrying their purchases. One woman was chatting animatedly to her friend, while carrying the biggest house plant. It towered over her head, waving its leaves at the sun as they walked.

The basket people were out as well, strolling along or stopping to chat with their friends, all holding lovely baskets covered with embroidered cloths.

It was so beautiful out that we took the circuitous way home, arriving just in time to see that the brioche dough was ready for shaping. There are more photos; I’ll post them when we retrieve them from the camera.

But first we’ll have coffee and brioche…. :-) :-)

This winter has been quite cold and relatively snowy. But we had a major thaw in January followed by very cold weather. I’m a little concerned about our perennials and I haven’t seen any sign of our garlic yet. The tulips and daffodil leaves are just emerging now so maybe there’s still hope for the garlic.



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  1. barbara

    Happy Easter! In thumbnail, the birds look a little like seals, but in the real pic, once you see the beaks, they look properly like fluffed up birds.

    Eek, they look a bit too much like birds, especially the one on the left. You _ate_ the little bird? How _could_ you?

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