Happy Easter!

summary: Happy Easter! Colouring eggs naturally; alternatives to eggs

In the past, I have had a little difficulty dying eggs naturally (having tried beets, black beans, turmeric, coffee, tea…), so I love that these eggs come in beautiful colours direct from the chicken. No fuss, no muss!

Free-Range Eggs from Little Valley CSA Farm, Grey County, Ontario

Little Valley CSA Farm, Grey County, Ontario | Free-Range Eggs littlevalleycsa.wordpress.com/pastured-meats/free-range-poultry/

Kirsten (Comfortably Domestic) has been much more successful with her natural dyes though. Do take a look at her beautiful Easter eggs that have been coloured with Natural Easter Egg Dyes.

With Easter so late this year, I had hoped to be posting a photo of our forsythia is full bloom. But with the crazy winter we had, it was not be. I’m happy to report that all the snow appears to be gone though and there are the tiniest little buds just starting to appear on the forsythia. Maybe spring really has sprung at last!

:-) O :-) Happy Easter! O :-) O

I have to tell the truth. Even though we have lovely eggs in the house, we’re not actually going to have any today. In a sudden change in direction, we decided to serve Easter Hummus with Pita Chips. Except it’s not really hummus, because we didn’t have enough chickpeas in the house (!! how can anyone run out of chickpeas?!) so used pinto beans instead. (While reading Alia Yunis’ wonderful article ‘The World of Hummus’ in SAVEUR No.92 (Apr2006) I learned that “hummus” is the word for “chickpea” in Arabic.)