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Saturday, 22 January 2005

Well, I finally broke down!

Filed under: baking,bread - yeasted & unyeasted,food & drink,whine — ejm @ 13:41 EDT

I finally broke down and installed an actual blogging program. My reason? I decided that it might be handy to have the comment back sections right here on the blog page. We’ll see how it goes. I’m still tweaking the page looks….

I made the most expensive bread yesterday. It was supposed to be one of those slack dough types (Carol Field’s recipe for Pane Pugliese) so I thought I’d see how much easier it would be to knead the sloppy mess in the food processor. Well, it was dead easy at first and things were going along quite well until the ominous sounding *crack* from machine. Yes. The shaft broke. I finished kneading by hand and we took the processor to the repair shop. It’s going to cost about $35 to fix it.

And how does +$35 bread taste?? We’ll find out tonight as we eat it with spinach salad and Mediterranean Chicken. I’ll let you know.


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