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Saturday, 24 August 2013


Filed under: baking,BBBabes,bread - yeasted & unyeasted,food & drink — ejm @ 11:04 EDT

summary: why I am a delinquent BBBabe; holidays are fun but tiring – I need a holiday from my holiday;

Yes, I know. It’s long past time to post about this month’s BBB bread. I’m happy to report that I have made it! As soon as I get the photos out of the camera, I’ll post about it.

Ken Forkish Bread In the beginning of August, we packed our bags – insanely large bags they were too. We chose the only suitcases we own that have wheels. And we jumped on a plane to go on a lovely holiday, visiting various family members. Because I love my brotform so much, I brought it with me to make Ken Forkish’s bread for everyone.

Ken Forkish White Bread with Poolish At each house we stayed at, the moment I entered, I stirred together a starter and the next day baked a big round loaf of bread. And we visited and feasted and played until we all had to say goodbye again and we wheeled our ridiculously large suitcases to the airport to fly home.

I imagined that the moment I go home, I would immediately bake the BBB bread. Nope. I didn’t start baking until yesterday!

It has taken me a week to recover from our holiday. :-)


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