How many whisks does one kitchen need?

summary: we each have our favourite whisks (click on image(s) to see larger view and more photos)

whisks In February, I was raving about our knife block and how we each had our favourite knives. It is the same story with whisks.

We have a number of whisks, although not quite as many whisks as we do knives. They are in various parts of the kitchen, one hanging with the pots on the wall, two in the cup on the stove and two in a drawer with a jumble of wooden and slotted spoons, egg lifters and ladles.

I use the littlest one most often: for whisking yeast into water.

I almost never use the one with the white handle. But it is T’s favourite whisk and is pretty much the only one he uses. Because it is starting to break, a while back, I gave him the shiny new whisk on the far edge of the board. Bzzzzzzt!!! Too heavy. (We really should give it away – nobody is using that particular whisk and it just takes up drawer space.)

For ages, my favourite whisk for beating more than one egg (when making brownies or popovers) has been the beautifully shaped whisk with steel balls. I always think it should be hanging in an art gallery when it’s not whisking eggs. It is a little heavy and on the noisy side (I kind of like the jangling though). T is adamantly opposed to it; he prefers the standard style of whisk, even though we have done tests to prove that this one beats eggs to the light frothy stage faster.

whisk But this little spiral whisk has been in the cup on the stove beckoning to me for a couple of months.

I confess that until a couple of days ago, I’d never used it. I picked it up because I liked the way it looked. It is so springy.

Then, the other day when I was making date bread, I suddenly decided to try it out.

And it is now my favourite whisk for beating eggs! It’s light-weight, very fast and really easy to use. Not to mention that it’s a breeze to wash. Even without the aid of an electronic dishwasher….

whisk I can’t wait to see how well it works for making popovers!

And you? How many whisks do you have? Do you have a favourite? Do you keep any simply as decorations?

Speaking of popovers, I’m amazed that we’ve never taken any photos of our popovers. Remind me to remedy that. I must make popovers soon!



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