I think I’ve fixed the sidebar!

That was very weird. I just created a new theme (as far as I can tell, it’s EXACTLY the same as the old theme) and hey presto! the sidebar error messages seem to be gone. My webhost told me categorically that it was something that was ONLY happening on my site.

Don’t I feel special? :lalala:

Eventually, I’ll revamp the look. But I’m lazy and would much rather spend my time eating dinner.

I just finished knotting some dough and as soon as I’ve baked, photographed and tasted the bread, I’ll be bragging (or perhaps continuing with my ranting – depending on how things go) about my Babe status. To see what I was knotting, take a look at the Bread Baking Babes’ latest task: Pane di pasta tenera condita (Italian knot bread).


One comment about “I think I’ve fixed the sidebar!

  1. MyKitchenInHalfCups

    Looks right from here … although I can’t see your knots yet ;)

    Thanks for the confirmation, Tanna! As for the knots, we just tasted them. The photos are in the camera and as soon as I get them out, I’ll post about them. (Teaser: They’re WONDERFUL!!) -Elizabeth (edit 27 May 2009: see my knots here)

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