I’m famous!

summary: I’m featured in the Globe & Mail: Life section!

Globe & Mail: Life section - Sept 18 2008 Yes!! That is me in the photo!! Not the cool person with the dark glasses; I’m the other one, wearing the apron….

In her article for the Globe & Mail: Life section – Sept 18 2008 Hayley Mick quoted me as saying:

“Now, with the price of rye flour the way it is … I’m questioning whether we’re going to make rye bread any more,”

What she didn’t mention was the fact that I just discovered that not only has Five Roses (the brand of rye flour I was buying) discontinued production of rye flour, but that the two major brands of flour on our supermarket shelves, Five Roses AND Robin Hood, are both owned by the US based company Smuckers Foods.

She also left out that my main reason for doing the interview was to say that the rising price of flours has actually increased my desire to bake my own bread as well as increasing the kinds of bread I make.

I must say that I was also a bit surprised that

  • a.) I wasn’t told when the article was published
    edit: I received email from Ms. Mick on Friday afternoon telling me that the article was in the paper.
  • b.) I didn’t get credit for being the one who said that even if cost of ingredients has risen, I’m actually baking more rather than less. It’s still WAY cheaper. And better.

As far as I’m concerned, buying the ingredients and baking one’s own bread (and anyone can do it – it’s not rocket science and it doesn’t actually take all that much time) is far less expensive than buying it. It tastes better too than the run-of-the-mill stuff at the stores. Sure, there is good commercially-made bread to be found, but it costs. One of my friends just called to say that she had splurged and bought a HALF-loaf of an artisanal bread from a local bakery. She said it tasted fabulous but cost a whopping $4 – that’s half a loaf of bread! For about $13, one can buy 10kg of flour to make several dozen loaves of arguably equally good, if not better bread.

I’ll report more about the thrilling photo-shoot in a subsequent post.

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