in praise of the clay pot

On Saturday evening, I got home from work at about 8:00pm. What a welcome! The kitchen was warm and bright and the aroma!! Sweet potatoes were roasting in the toaster oven, and jerk pork was in the clay pot in the oven. Of course, it was the jerk sauce that was most pervasive. T had made it a few weeks ago, using scotch bonnets, sweet spices, demerara sugar and rum?? (sorry, it’s not that the recipe is secret – it’s just that I don’t know what all went into it – I think, but I’m not sure, that it was based on this recipe for jerk sauce edit: here is our jerk sauce recipe) He decided on Saturday that it wasn’t quite hot enough so he had added some roughly chopped Thai chilies.

And there was perfectly steamed rice ready as well. As I set the table and we chatted about what had gone on during the day, green beans were steamed to perfection.

The claypot came out of the oven; the lid was removed and oh oh oh!! the spicy headiness of allspice, peppers, garlic, onions and roasted pork whooshed up in a cloud of steam. T had used a pork shoulder rather than the chops we usually use and he had rested it on a bed of onions. Everything had caramelized and the meat almost didn’t need cutting, it was so tender.

We poured dark beer and the heated plates were then covered with rice, jerk pork, green beans glistening with the tiniest bit of butter, roasted cubes of sweet potato scattered over top of all and dinner was served. I’m ALWAYS going to come home late from work!

Our clay pot is a gourmettopf, unglazed inside and out and looks pretty much like the romertopf clay baker (

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  1. ejm

    It was amazing, Moira! And I can hardly believe how lucky (or was it skillful?) I was to find such a wonderful husband! I couldn’t breathe, it was so good!

    (I just asked. The jerk sauce did have rum.)

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