is it time to eat yet??

summary: barbecue in March!; rustic boule, based on the recipe for Acme’s Rustic Baguettes in “Artisan Baking Across America” by Maggie Glezer; (click on image to see photos of bread making)

rustic bread The bread was finished baking last night around 22:45. (Why so late?)

We plan to have one of these loaves tonight with barbecued porkchops (yes, I did say “barbecued”! It’s warm outside!*) and steamed broccoli. We’ll reheat the bread to crisp up the crust again and then instead of slathering them with butter, we’ll dip torn off pieces into really good olive oil … Jealous?

* Relatively speaking, it’s warm. It’s sunny and going up to 12C. To celebrate, we’re going for a bike ride. We’ll take a picnic. No sandwiches though. We’re taking a hearty soup (sausage, kale, rice) in a thermos. Ooooh, is it time for lunch yet?
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