Isn’t chicken salad great?

After being so chilly for so long, it’s suddenly insanely hot and sunny here. Yesterday, we were trying to think of what to have for dinner that would require as little cooking as possible. And we remembered about chicken salad with grapes and toasted almonds.

We just happened to have chicken left over from a barbecued butterflied chicken from a couple of evenings before. So we went to our favourite vegetable store and got some red leaf lettuce, the largest green onions you’ve ever seen, a small brilliantly red sweet pepper and some grape tomatoes. With fresh tarragon, marjoram and thyme from the garden as well as crusty Italian bread, the dinner was exactly what the doctor ordered for the sultry night.

And because the green onions were so giant, we still have plenty of green onions. T is going to make jerk sauce today for Jerk pork tonight. Hmmm, maybe hot weather isn’t so bad after all.

We’ve never had grape tomatoes before. But not long ago, after hearing a woman tell her tearful small daughter that they weren’t getting tomatoes that day because there weren’t any grape tomatoes in the store and cherry tomatoes just weren’t as good, we decided we really had to try them… Grape tomatoes are brilliant.

4 responses to “Isn’t chicken salad great?

  1. bing

    Grape tomatoes _are_ lovely – a zillion times better than cherry tomatoes. I don’t really like cherry tomatoes much; they seem to be all tough skin. My ideal tomato is one with thin but firm skin, very little flesh, and fairly firm but completely translucent seed thingies. (What is that sort of jelly stuff called, the stuff that the TV chefs are always horrifyingly throwing away?)

    There are lots of tomatoes I’d put far ahead of cherry tomatoes though. Even a nice firm Roma tomato is better than no tomatoes at all, if you’re in the mood for tomatoes. Maybe the child only like the small tomatoes.

  2. ejm Post author

    I got the impression that the child would have eaten any sort of tomato. I think the grape tomatoes were the mother’s preference.

    And yes, grape tomatoes are wonderful.

  3. Moira

    Oh, thank God you didn’t put green grapes into your salad…that kind makes me want to hurl. Which, of course, means that no one else should like it either, lol! Your salad does sound lovely and cool…I look forward to having one when we get some summer weather (maybe around August?).

  4. ejm Post author

    Ah, but we DID put green grapes into the chicken salad, Moira! Green grapes are wonderful in this particular chicken salad. Really, trust me. It won’t make you queasy at all.

    The herbs, grape tomatoes, green onions, and red pepper were all on the side and the lettuce was used as a bed for the chicken salad to rest on.

    I WISH this disgusting hot weather were happening in August only. I hate the fact that we’re going to suffer with this twice.

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