ISO rye flour and corn pasta in Toronto

How is it that this huge cosmopolitan city of Toronto does not have a store near by that sells the following at a reasonable price?!

  1. rye flour
  2. corn pasta

When I made sourdough rye bread for BBD#03, I used up the last of the lovely dark rye flour I had. And I had no idea that it was going to be difficult to replace! I know that I bought the last bag at the supermarket (Loblaws). Today, we went to four different supermarkets (including Loblaws), searching for bags of dark rye flour. Ha. No such luck. The closest was a multigrain mix of flours. If I wanted to make multigrain bread, I’d mix the flours myself! I don’t need someone else to do that for me, thank you very much.

And here is why I suddenly have a bee in my bonnet about corn pasta: When we were on the west coast, my sister made the most fabulous pasta dish that she based on her chicken enchilada recipe. But instead of using corn tortillas, she used corn pasta.

The dish was so good that she entered the recipe in the Canadian Living KitchenAid 2007 Cook of the Year Contest. Unbelievably, the judges forgot to mention that her recipe had won first prize.

(Silly me. I neglected to get the recipe!! But I have emailed her to ask her to send it.)

One of the things we loved about it was the corn pasta. We had never had corn pasta before and it is delicious! So on our bicycle journeying today, we stopped at various supermarkets to buy corn pasta. Ha. No such luck! Only one of the supermarkets even had any corn pasta and it was $3.50 for 340gm.

Yes, you read that correctly: $3.50 for 340gm

Perhaps I’m old fashioned; I really think that is WAY too much to pay! Just before riding home in defeat, we stopped at the expensive Health Food Store close to our house. They sell all kinds of pasta in bulk EXCEPT corn pasta. The corn pasta is sold in plastic bags for $3.40 for 340gm. Not much better, is it?

(The expensive Health Food Store also sells rye flour in bulk. But judging from their other flour prices, I’d really like to find another source.)

It looks like some jackass has done a demographic study to ascertain that people in our area of Toronto do not buy rye flour or corn pasta. Does anyone have any idea which part of Toronto we have to go to find these items at reasonable prices?

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