It’s asparagus season at last!

summary: steamed asparagus with Hollandaise sauce; garnishing the plate with garden herbs; other ideas for how to prepare asparagus; (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

asparagus Last week, at our favourite vegetable store, I saw a sign over a big tray of beautiful looking asparagus:

2 bunches for $3 – Ontario Grown

All I could think about was Hollandaise sauce. The tragedy was that I wouldn’t be home for dinner until Sunday!!

And so, each night before Sunday, I dreamt of Hollandaise sauce drizzled over perfectly steamed locally grown asparagus. And on Sunday night, after a glorious long bike ride, my dream came true.

Yes, it was as wonderful as I had dreamt.

No. Wait.

It was better.


asparagus We served the asparagus with perfectly barbecued pork, baked PEI potatoes, fried mushrooms and thyme, chives, tarragon and violas from the garden. Not shown in the photo is the small(ish) dish of Hollandaise placed by the side of the plate. Obviously, that’s NOT enough Hollandaise sauce!! (Snork)

And now I can’t wait for tonight’s asparagus!! (As wonderful as Hollandaise sauce is, I think we’ll have it simply steamed maybe with a little caramelized garlic.)

Although… Hollandaise sauce IS awfully good. :-)

On Sunday night, after I strolled through the garden to snip herbs to garnish our plates, we began to barbecue. We sat under the brand new canopy of lacy leaves of our locust tree, listening to the birds call and distant children playing, watching the bees buzzing from spring flower to flower, drinking in the scent of the lilacs blooming by the house and wondered why it can’t be early summer all year round.


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