It’s crunch time!!

Yesterday, I made ginger shortbread – many many little stars. I’m not the biggest fan of cookie making, though. It takes SO long. I much prefer batters that remain in one or two lumps and placed into one or two pans and can be baked all at once. So yes, it’s true; some of the shortbread stars are larger than the others. I just got tired of punching out stars. (I started with a 1 inch diameter star cookie cutter and switched to the 2 inch diameter cutter.)

In the past, we’ve had a problem with cookies burning on the bottom. I always put a piece of parchment paper on the cookie sheet but T suggested to try baking the cookies on the highest shelf in the oven. And bingo!! That did the trick. The cookies are perfectly golden. I kind of wish that I’d used a bit more ginger but that might be just me. I’ll keep telling myself that they’re NOT ginger snaps*.

And then this morning, first thing, as I was mixing sandwich bread dough, I scanned my mental list of the things to bake before Friday night – eeeeeeek, this week needs more days!

* … oooooh, ginger snaps… do you think there’s time to make some gingersnaps too?
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