It’s not a pretty sight

Nope. Not at all a pretty sight. Didn’t sound so good either.

And how ironic. I was happily wandering through the Daring Bakers’ latest accounts of “Tender Potato Bread” while waiting to hear the bell announcing that it was time to turn the cinnamon buns around in the oven because they were half-done. Ha. Joke’s on me.

It’s pay back for laughing at Jenn’s misfortunes. There I was just hitting “send” on my reply to Susan’s (Wild Yeast) hilarious account when I realized how much time had gone by since I had put the buns in the oven. And smelled that unmistakable smell of sugar. Burnt sugar….

I just burned the bottoms of what were going to be the best cinnamon buns ever!

I’m spitting mad… I set the timer. Really I did. I KNOW I did. It didn’t go off… I thought I set the second backup timer too. I DON’T know if I did that.

Goodness how sad. Excuse me while I go rummaging through the drawer for a sharp knife – to scrape all that unsightly black off the bottoms of the buns.

I’ll show the the tragic pictures later when I stop sobbing.

edit 3 December: Here is the photographic evidence.


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