Jamie’s Orange Ice – Garnished with Fresh Mint

summary: delicious orange ice, based on Jamie Schler’s recipe for Orange Mint Granità in her lovely just published cookbook “Orange Appeal: Savory and Sweet” that is now available for purchase;

Orange Granita There really is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than having a little bowl of sorbet, is there?

One of my favorite snacks when I was a kid was frozen fruit juice […] [I would hack] away at the frozen treat with the spoon and scooping up chunks and flakes, letting them melt on my tongue, icy cold and orangey.
– Jamie Schler, “Orange Mint Granita”, Orange Appeal, p196

We love Jamie’s granita! What a revelation. It’s so very refreshing. It was so wonderful that after the first time we made it, we went out immediately to get some peaches to try it with peaches instead of oranges (simply because peaches were in season at the time). Then we made it with blackberries donated to us by our brilliant neighbours. And after they tasted the ice, they brought over more blackberries so they could have more of Jamie’s blackberry ice.

As much as we love the ice with other fruits, it’s particularly delicious made with oranges. We will definitely want to make it Jamie’s original way with oranges many many times.

Orange Ice Here’s what we did to Jamie’s recipe:

Jamie Schler’s Orange Granità

To see the actual recipe, please go to page 196 in “Orange Appeal: Savory and Sweet”….


:: We used our electric ice cream maker, so we wouldn’t have to repeatedly open and close the freezer during the infernal heat waves we so often experience in the summer.

:: We used dry white wine – a cheap and cheerful Fontana di Papa Colli Albani, a blend of trebbiano and malvasia.

:: Rather than bruising the mint and putting it directly into the granita, we simply served the granita with a sprig of mint on the side.


I have already mentioned that I was one of the fortunate ones chosen to be part of the team of testers for Jamie Schler’s cookbook. Every recipe that I tested was fabulous. The ones I didn’t get a chance to test sounded fabulous.

There are zillions of the most wonderful recipes in “Orange Appeal” – all of them calling for at least one part of the orange. And of course, as added bonuses, the recipes are accompanied by Jamie’s lovely prose and Ilva Baretta’s stunningly beautiful photos.

Not long ago, Jamie asked testers what their favourite recipes were. I was hard pressed to choose. But I narrowed it down to the roast chicken – no, the sweet and sour chicken – no, switch that to the foccaccia – no, change that to orange granita, – no, make that orange spiced butter, no wait! make that….

Here’s how you too can have an embarrassment of choices to make about which is your favourite:

Orange Appeal: Savory and Sweet Orange Appeal: Savory and Sweet
by Jamie Schler (author) and Ilva Beretta (photographer),
Gibbs Smith Publishing


Orange Granita


3 responses to “Jamie’s Orange Ice – Garnished with Fresh Mint

  1. Karen

    How lucky were you to get to test the recipes!! This granita sounds delicious. There is something special about the refreshing flavor of oranges.

    1. Elizabeth

      I was lucky, Karen! And the granita IS delicious. So is everything else I tried. Jamie had so many recipes that some of them didn’t get in the book! Their omission wasn’t because they were lacking. It was because there were just too many recipes.

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