kitchen calendar problem solved

summary: new calendar and more at Pasquale Brothers; (click on image for larger view and more photos)

2009 calendar The other day, just before it snowed and snowed, we took the opportunity to ride our bikes to Pasquale Brothers to get some roccolo cheese and a few other fun things. When we went to pay, there on the counter were complimentary calendars. Standard size calendars. With photos of food, large squares and recipes for each month.

HA!! We don’t have to buy a calendar after all. I’ll still miss the milk calendar though. There are no “Tips for the Adventurous” on the Pasquale Brothers calendar.

Do take a trip to Pasquale Brothers (and not just for the calendar)! They have a wonderful array of fabulous foods, including many many olive oils, flavoured and unflavoured vinegars, all sorts of condiments, dried pasta in different shapes and colours, pates, spices, chocolates, truffles, biscuits, cookies… and cheese, of course. Wonderful cheese.

edit: Don’t forget to buy anchovies while you’re there. You’ll need them for your cauliflower au gratin.


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