Lesson in kneading

We are currently reading A Meal Observed by Andrew Todhunter. It’s a wonderful account of an evening spent at the 3 star restaurant Taillevent in Paris. We have been taking our time to savour each course and have only now just finished L’entreé.

Todhunter worked in the Taillevent kitchens during the year that he and his wife splashed out to dine one evening at the restaurant. So his account of their dinner also includes some behind the scenes views of the restaurant. Todhunter wrote:

[…]I learn a number of practical tips in the kitchens of Taillevent, and the simplest are usually the most helpful: a damp cloth or paper towel laid out under a cutting board keeps it from slipping across a counter; […] and so forth.

Last night we made pizza on the barbecue. Which meant I had to make dough early yesterday afternoon. While kneading I remembered to try out the tea-towel-under-the-wooden-board- to-stop-it-from-slipping method. Oh my!! Now why didn’t I think of that!? It works like a charm. No more risk of pushing various things off the counter because of the board slipping and sliding around. It didnt budge at all. How easy is that?! (Now I’m dying to know what the and so forth tips are!) Having the board stationary was so freeing! I was so thrilled about it that I almost didn’t notice the stream of sweat trickling down my back….

The weather office claims that we will get a break by Tuesday. I hope so. I hope so.

Oh Happy Day!! It’s just started raining!

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