knife trick

summary: knife trick; DON’T try this at home; (click on image for larger view)

knife How do you spell “Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!”?


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  • Phydeaux

    Don’t knives usually slip out of hands with the point pointed downward?

  • ejm

    I was not wielding this particular knife; I’m VERY afraid of it…. And with good reason, clearly. As I recall, from a layout position, in its attempt to land point down in my husband’s (bare) foot, the knife did a reverse one-and-a-half somersault with a twist – or was it two-and-a-half twists??

  • MrsBrown

    Perhaps it was a triple salchow with a half twist ending with jazz hands that the knife was TRYING to do.

    My question is however did you get that picture?

    Glad to know that no feet were impaled in the execution of this photo op.

  • MrsBrown

    Oh, now I see, it’s stuck to the drawer. I was only looking at the small picture which looks like the knife is falling. Isn’t it lucky the drawer was out?

  • No trips to the hospital only a funny story to tell :D

  • They do tend to land point down… I dropped a secateurs in the garden and the tip went through the top of my shoe…but missed the toes. Your drawer did a nice catch…