local asparagus at last!

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asparagus We have been feasting on asparagus. For dinner, we prefer it served simply: steamed til just tender and drizzled with a little butter and lemon juice.

We toyed with the idea of making Hollandaise but decided to wait til the artichokes come into season. So instead, we decided to make cheese sauce and had an extravagant breakfast of sliced hardboiled eggs, asparagus spears and cheese sauce on toast. Delicious!

But we made too much cheese sauce. So we had to have it again the next day (Goodness how sad! :jump: ) with a little ham under the egg slices. Delicious again!!

I love asparagus season.

We froze the asparagus ends and plan to make asparagus veloute from a recipe in one of Patrica Wells’ cookbooks. I’ll let you know how it goes.

edit 15 June 2006 @ 00:03: For many more asparagus recipes, take a look at Kevin Weeks’ (Seriously Good) Asparagus Aspirations event (scroll down to the bottom of the linked page to the round ups).


6 responses to “local asparagus at last!

  1. MrsBrown

    Asparagus!! I adore asparagus. I’m always torn with how to prepare it. Should I do the quick stir-fry with ginger, garlic and a splash of wine? or drizzle it with olive oil and grill it on the barbecue and add a little salt? I’ve never thought of putting cheese sauce on top…hmmm

  2. ejm Post author

    The cheese sauce does seem a bit like gilding the lily but it was pretty fantastic.

    …stir frying asparagus with ginger, garlic and a splash of wine… hmmmm

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