May I have some more asparagus please?

summary: barbecued asparagus with garlic and ginger; bird feeder used as an herb planter (click on image for larger view and more photos)

asparagus As much as we adore asparagus (steamed just enough so the spears are still al dente) with Hollandaise sauce, we decided that it might be a little too much of a good thing on this particular night.

Here’s why. We were serving the asparagus with barbecued chicken livers, oven-roasted potatoes and mustard mayonnaise garnished with mustard sprouts (more about that later).

asparagus We tossed the spears in olive oil and then put them into the barbecue wok. Earlier that evening, the ever brilliant T had caramelized some garlic and ginger in olive oil to drizzle over top.

GET OUT!!! Has Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce been pushed down from its top ranking?

Maybe so. Or perhaps it’s just pushed aside to make room for the barbecued asparagus dish to sit precariously beside it at the top.

Mmmmm, we’re having asparagus again tonight – this time steamed and drizzled with lemon juice. (Hmmm, I wonder if the barbecued asparagus and Hollandaised asparagus dishes will have to be pushed over a little more to make room at the top for tonight’s asparagus.

Isn’t asparagus season wonderful?

bird feeder planter We have a tube bird-feeder that we had to stop filling with seed (too many feral cats and too many pigeons were attracted to the area). I have filled the tube with soil and put tarragon, lemon thyme, silver thyme and purple sage into the holes. I also filled the saucer-like tray at the bottom for catching seeds with soil and am going to use it for sprouts. The tray is separated into three sections – I planted radish, arugula and brown mustard seeds. Amazingly, the only seeds that have come up so far are the brown mustard seeds. Amazing because those seeds are from our spice shelves. The other seeds were from packets I purchased at the garden center! Go figure.

2 comments about “May I have some more asparagus please?

  1. MyKitchenInHalfCups

    Yes please.
    What a great idea on the bird feeder!
    Hard to figure a lot of things.

    Thank you, Tanna. I was quite pleased with myself for thinking of it. Now if only I can remember to keep the sprout tray watered! (I’m pleased to report that there are a few spindly looking radish sprouts appearing. In the arugula section, I have now added some nigella seeds – from the spice shelves – to see if they’ll do as well as the mustard seeds.) -Elizabeth

  2. katie

    Forgot – we also have green asparagus from Peru. I’d like to go there sometime and try it…. Apparently Peru is the biggest producer of green asparagus. We get it from Spain in season when we get it at all. In France it’s white or violet.

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