mea culpa

It turns out that there were errors in the recipe for Chicken Couscous with Prunes & Apricots linked on the WTSIM… stew! post. I have made the corrections now. T was VERY concerned that people wouldn’t know to blacken the chili first before adding the other spices that would be burned before the chilli got blackened….

Quel horror! I do apologise profusely to anyone who made this before and ended up with burned cinnamon….

What a gloriously beautiful day it was today. (I feel awful for all those poor folks out west who are dealing with SNOW again!) We rode our bikes in brilliant sunshine against a stiff west wind towards the Beaches (or “the Beach”, if you prefer…). On the way we took a detour to wander through the relatively recently opened “T&T” supermarket. Asian food galore!! On the massive fish stand, there were the most beautiful whole fish being sold for a very low price ($1.49 per lb). If we hadn’t already bought sausage for tonight’s dinner and planned to have falafel tomorrow night, we would have snapped it up. But next time we want fish, I know where we’re going!

Speaking of fish, remind me to post about the brilliant barbecued red snapper we had the other night!

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