messing around with the calendar

I’m trying to install an event calendar like the one on Is My Blog Burning?. But I’m running into style woes AND I cannot seem to get any future events to show up on the calendar. I’ve asked at the plugin author’s site but I have not yet received a reply.

How embarrassing…. :lalala:

edit 1 May, 2006 @ 16:45 EDT: Finally!! It turns out that one has to hit “publish” rather than “save” to get the events to show up on the calendar.

== How to make an Event Post ==

An event post is a normal blog post that is assigned to the ‘Event’ category.

In order to set the date, you need to go to the ‘Advanced’ editing screen and scroll down until you find the ‘Edit time:’ field. Select the ‘Edit timestamp’ checkbox, set the date and time of your event and click ‘Save’ Publish.

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