mint pesto (WHB#28: mint)

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Weekend Herb Blogging #28: Mint (Mentha ??)

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At last spring is springing!

Crocusses are crocussing and forsythia blossoms in the back garden are just about to burst forth(ythia… heeheeheehee).

And because it has been so lovely, the other day we suddenly neeeeeeeeeded to have grilled chicken on spaghettini with mint pesto. Of course, there is no sign of our garden mint yet so we had to buy some.

We rode our bikes to Chinatown to see what we could find. Mint was there alright and it was on the pricey side – $2.00 for two measly little bunches. But it was beautifully fragrant and lush looking. I don’t know what kind of mint it is – it smells a like spearmint but doesn’t look like the spearmint we will have growing in our garden soon. (Remind me to post a photo of our mint.)

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mint pesto I usually put in a lemon verbena as well but good luck buying lemon verbena at the vegetable store!! (I didn’t even try.) I went into the basement and stole as much as I dared of our overwintering lemon verbena plant – two little sprigs. And then silly me, I thought I’d just use a little extra lemon to make up for the lack. I used the juice of one and a half lemons.

Duh… I SHOULD have just added a little extra lemon zest. After making the pesto, it was very acidic. You know that eyepopping feel when eating lemon? It took away all the mint flavour.

But I rescued it… I drained off as much as I could of the lemon juice that was sitting in the bottom of the dish. And I added ¼ tsp of sugar. And hey presto! The mint flavour burst out and the lemon receded tremendously.

T decided to caramelize some garlic in olive oil and toss the spaghettini in it before tossing with the pesto. And that really did the trick. Once again, our dinner was brilliant.

Oh by the way, this mint pesto does NOT have any cheese (even though someone insisted on grating some parmesan and sprinkling it on top of his and claimed that it was good). Personally, I think that cheese in this pesto is rather like gilding the lily.

mint pesto
recipes from OUR kitchen – mint pesto

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not exactly the
Weekend Herb Blogging #28: Mint (Mentha)

weekend herb blogging - © kalyns kitchen Mint is really easy to grow. Some people complain that it takes over their garden. I don’t know how that can be. We NEVER have enough mint! The leaves (and flowers) are so good in iced tea, with steamed peas, as a garnish for Asian food and of course, in mint pesto….

Read here about growing mint

Kalyn’s Kitchen: Weekend Herb Blogging #28 – roundup 

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