BBB English Muffins are Perfect for Mock Bennies

summary: Mock Bennies with Homemade English Muffins; easily as satisfying as Eggs Benedict but not nearly as filling;

That looks just like Eggs Benedict there, doesn’t it? But no. This is a Mock Benny.

Mock Benny

A Mock Benny?! What on earth?

First of all, let me reassure you that j’adore Eggs Benedict. Almost as much as Eggs Florentine.

But after Thursday’s splash-out breakfast at a wonderful little cafe (Emma’s Country Kitchen) a short bike ride from here, I just wasn’t ready for them again. We had the most brilliant Eggs Benedict made with Mousseline Sauce at the cafe – they add heavy cream to their Hollandaise…. The eggs were delicious; we never ever ever want to have Eggs Benedict again. That’s the thing about Hollandaise Sauce, isn’t it? Sometimes there CAN be too much of a good thing.

But we had all of these beautiful BBB English muffins. So yesterday, T announced that he was going to make cheese sauce, then hard boil some eggs – so we could have Mock Bennies.

Be still my beating heart!

Actually, I’m happy to say that because the cheese sauce (a simple béchamel with grated “extra old” cheddar added near the end) is made with 2% milk, my heart wasn’t racing and thumping furiously – the way it was after Thursday’s extravaganza.

Just to make the plate pretty, I grabbed a sprig of rosemary from the counter (I couldn’t go into the garden to see if there were any chives or parsley – all the herbs in the garden got nailed in the hard frost a couple of nights ago).

Surprisingly, the rosemary was a delicious addition!

Mock BennyMock BenniesMock Benny


2 responses to “BBB English Muffins are Perfect for Mock Bennies

    1. Elizabeth

      Thank you, Lien! They were indeed fabulous.

      The reason the other ones were too good was because they were extremely rich – containing eggs, butter and cream. The cheese sauce, on the other hand, contained 2%milk, a trace of butter, and cheddar cheese with lean ham under the egg. Also, the cafe’s biscuit (rather than English muffin) base was made with butter and buttermilk, with a wonderfully delicious somewhat fatty peameal bacon (cured at the cafe) under the egg. When we had finished eating the cafe Eggs Benedict, we both felt quite full – we had to carry our stomachs out the door – and we never (ever) wanted to have Hollandaise sauce again. This didn’t happen with the Mock Bennies. If we hadn’t run out of eggs, we would have had Mock Bennies again for breakfast today. :lalala:

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