more green beans please!

summary: stir-fried green beans with black bean sauce; pork and peanuts; we have a thief; (click on image(s) to see larger views and more photos)

pork and peanuts When we’re wanting comfort, we often turn to our favourite dinner of pork and peanuts in hoisin. We often serve it with stir-fried broccoli with black beans. But the other day, the broccoli looked a little limp and bedraggled as well as being insanely expensive. So we got green beans instead.

green beans Stir-fried green beans in black bean sauce (made from fermented black beans) are easily as good as broccoli prepared in the same way. With plenty of steamed rice, this is the ultimate comfort food.

We’re not the only ones who like green beans.

This creature (we thought he was a cat when we got him) loves green beans and devours them every chance he gets! He used to steal broccoli too but now prefers green beans and will eat only the florets of broccoli (organic only).

We discourage him from climbing wherever he thinks he can go (which is everywhere) but he refuses to pay attention. Especially if there are green beans in sight.

green beansgreen beans

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