No more Gourmet Magazine!?!!

summary: Gourmet Magazine closing

Wow!! The end of an era!

Condé Nast Publications is closing Gourmet […] the oldest food magazine in the U.S., having debuted in the 1940s.

Known for its rigorous testing of recipes and high production values, it has been closely followed by culinary aficionados. Condé Nast said the brand will live on in TV shows and books. It has not announced how many layoffs are involved.

Bon Appetit will continue to publish.

– excerpt from CBC News: Gourmet magazine to fold

I have to admit that I haven’t read Gourmet Magazine in ages.

For me, it had lost its luster. But I will be forever indebted to them for their fabulous squash soup made with ginger and limes. Sure, we don’t use the butter that Gourmet called for when we make squash soup. But it is a staple for special dinners.

I wonder what is going to happen to the people who have subscriptions to Gourmet Magazine….

I found out about the shutting down of Gourmet when I was wandering around on The Cottage Feast ( to check that a pingback to my post about grape pie was to a legitimate site. Why yes. It’s very legitimate! And complimentary too. I love that the author labelled my blog “quirky”. :-)

2 responses to “No more Gourmet Magazine!?!!

  1. Martin Zibauer

    There’s a direct line between the Gourmet‘s editorial philosophy – that food and food writing matters – and food blogs. Corby Kummer, on The Atlantic‘s food site, is already predicting that Gourmet will be back, so I am hopeful.

    Thank you for calling my blog legitimate (there’s a joke in there somewhere) – it’s still new, and so far, a ton of fun to build.

    I kind of wonder if Gourmet Magazine isn’t making this announcement just to see what sort of outcry there is. -Elizabeth

  2. CAM

    Hmm, I wonder whether it’s preferable to be quirky or legitimate?

    Regarding Gourmet Magazine: Someone gave us a subscription as a wedding present more than three decades ago. In our case it was casting pearls before swine. I remember looking at the pictures wishing someone would cook that stuff for me. We only had a few, since the subscription elapsed, and we needed the money to buy actual food. But the magazines were so beautiful that I didn’t want to throw them out. I think they were put out in the recycling after sitting around for about 20 years.

    Even though I’ve never seen it since, I feel sad that the magazine is no more.

    Good question, CAM. I think I want to have my cake and eat it too: be quirky AND legitimate. :lalala: -ejm

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