Not Quite Wordless and Not Quite B&W Wednesday: icecream

Oh. My.

ice cream
WHAT’S that??

summary: I confess that this is not my favourite flavour for sweets at all. In fact, I’m afraid to taste this ice cream! But it’s very aromatic and others say it’s fabulously good. (click on image to see larger view)

Would you like a hint?
what's in my box?

This is my box, this is my box…
I never travel without my box.
In the first drawer I keep my magic stones. […]
In the second drawer, I keep all my beads. […]
In the third drawer… in the third drawer…
Oh little boy…
oh little boy…
In the third drawer I keep
– Melchior, “Amahl and the Night Visitors” by Gian Carlo Menotti

This is how I think this particular flavour really works:

I don’t know exactly what T did to make this ice cream (I had to avert my eyes) but here is his method for making his other various flavours of ice cream. And if you’d really like to know what he did, I feel certain he’d be happy to share the recipe with you. He LOVES it. In spite of the horrifying colour.

I was thinking of submitting this to Susan’s (The Well-Seasoned Cook) Black and White Wednesday event, but the contrast in tone from the ice cream and the board just didn’t work at all in B&W.

And then I considered entering the photo as is. Because I think it looks like the ice cream is in black and white but the rest is in colour. Don’t you?

But then I decided it was probably wiser to leave well enough alone. Not to mention that it isn’t even Wednesday. :lalala: