Not-Quite Wordless B&W Not-Quite Wednesday: copper bowl

whssk whssk whssk . . .


summary: an experiment in sepia and b&w; (click on images to see larger views and more photos, including the original colour versions)

We can’t stop making fresh corn cakes! One reason, of course, is because they’re so good. But the other reason is that we are having too much fun whisking egg whites. We discovered the other day that the spiral whisk is easiest and fastest for beating egg whites. It took just two minutes to go from liquid white to stiff peaks.

WHAT are we going to do when corn season is over?!


copper bowlcopper bowl




edit 29 August 2012: Please see the others’ Black and White Wednesday – August 29 – Week 47 photos


One response to “Not-Quite Wordless B&W Not-Quite Wednesday: copper bowl

  1. Simona

    I love that whisk too! Your copper bowl is really nice. I usually freeze a bunch of corn for use during the winter months.

    Thank you, it IS a beautiful bowl, isn’t it? We couldn’t believe our luck when we found it at the ‘antique’ fair. As for the corn, we always imagine that we’ll freeze a bunch of it for winter months too, Simona. But when it’s in season, we just can’t stop ourselves from eating each ear, go out and buying more because it was so good and eating that too. -Elizabeth

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