not-quite-wordless b&w not-Wednesday: peeza pieey

Peeza Pieeey!
2013 experiments with Irfanview:


And now …
Go back… Go waaaaay back… to 1957
with the CBC Digital Archives


summary: Experiments with Irfanview with 2013 pizza; link to CBC Digital Archives video of Mrs. Brady’s 1957 peeza pieey recipe: it’s grand. It turns out that the “nippy cheese” she calls for is aged cheddar. She also says you can use parmeesian if you want; I find Mrs. Brady’s suggestion to add blood sausage particularly disturbing. (Pizza Photos taken on FujiFilm S3100 digital camera. Then using Irfanview, I upped the contrast on the b&w image and added 2G and 10B. Then to create the sepia version, altered the colour again by adding 25R, 7G and -15B) Please click on images to see larger views and more photos.

wordless 05/06/2013
Black and White Wednesday - A Weekly Culinary Photo Event BWW#87 (Jasmina, JazzyKitchen)







2 responses to “not-quite-wordless b&w not-Wednesday: peeza pieey

  1. Simona

    Thank you for sharing the different versions of the image. The pizza looks great! (And I agree with you about the blood sausage suggestion)

  2. Usha

    I loved your submission for BWW image gallery, Peeza Pieeey! It was very interesting to watch pizza making video from year 1957 also your pizza images from 2006 until today, it stirred solid appetite to grab one slice. I will be cooking pizza soon.

    Thanks for stopping at my blog…I am happy to know your blog via BWW event.

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