not-Wordless not-Wednesday: hand-kneading slack dough

summary: Hand-kneading slack dough is easy and fun too – so fun that we made another video (with sound!!);

We were bemoaning the fact that our camera doesn’t have a recording device and suddenly realized that our MP3 player does! …thank goodness for the internet and the several people who posted tutorials on how to edit movies in Windows Movie Maker. It’s not perfect syncing but it’s close. :lalala:


Hand-kneading – with the help of a dough-scraper, using ‘lift, flip, slap’ and/or ‘hand-wringing’ ways – is easy and satisfying. It’s even easy when someone forgot to add all the flour.


I love the sound of the dough slapping down on Richard Bertinet’s ‘lift, flip, slap’ method that I learned from watching a video on The slapping part isn’t particularly loud. There is just a nice satisfying *Plop* as the dough hits the board.

The sound of the dough scraper on the board is equally satisfying – like listening to ice-skating. Outdoor ice-skating on a canal on a beautiful crisp sunny day. Please, turn on your speakers and take a listen so you can hear what I hear.

(If you cannot view the video, please try going directly to YouTube: hand-kneading slack dough (with sound!!) May2013)

Please read more about hand-kneading slack dough and what to do if it seems like the sloppy mess refuses to look like dough.





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